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Don't feel guilty about buying plastic water bottles!

Why should you, when there are water bottles that are "plastic" and made from plants??? They even come in 3 and 5 gallon sizes! Check em out....

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Jana said...

I have 4 regular plastic bottles that I rotate through. Also have a gallon jug that I fill up every day and take with me to work. I do my VERY best to get through that gallon during my work hours. Still not losing weight - but I'm nearly dairy free (can't give up that cheese!)
Glad to find your blog, stop by and see mine too if you care to!
Bye for now - Jana

Freedom said...

I too have 2, 5 gallon water bottles. and I have a personal water bottle that I carry with me every where, even inside walmart when I'm doing my shopping lol. I drink tons of water and I dont have any near me I start to panic. I used to hate water, but now I love it.