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Healthy Vegan Fudge

This fudge is ooh sooo yummy! I took it to work this week(today updated being 11/17/2009) and a whole plate full disappeared in 10 mins flat! I didnt dare mention healthy because well all know what most think of healthy. I found a good base recipe for fudge then tweaked the ingredients to make it healthy. The result was in my opinion the best fudge I've ever tasted(next to grandmas anyway) and it will not affect the blood sugar like regular fudge, so eat up! Here is a description of how turbinado(used in this recipe) is better for blood sugar. As well as other natural sweeteners...Click Here.


4 1/2 cups turbinado sugar aka demerara(I use this but it does not cost that at walmart)

12 ounces coconut milk(pure coconut milk with nothing added, i.e. Thai kitchen brand)

18 ounces vegan chocolate(I use these)

1/2 lb extra virgin coconut oil

3 tablespoons pure vanilla extract

1 pinch sea salt

1 nuts, of your choice or raisins


1. Bring to a boil the sugar and milk, and let it boil exactly six minutes, stirring constantly. (If you can do this over a double-boiler it will help you, but it isn’t required.).

2. In another pan or bowl, have the chocolate, oil, vanilla extract and salt ready. You can use chocolate chips or good quality bar chococate. The better the quality of chocolate, the better the fudge.

3. Pour hot mixture of sugar and milk over the other ingredients, and blend together until all the chocolate has melted. Using a high powered hand mixer or stand mixer will make a smooth fudge. If you try to mix it by hand it will start to harden before its mixed and come out dry and grainy.

4. Add nuts—whatever type you prefer, and in the size you prefer in fudge.

5. Pour into pan and set for six hours in the fridge until the fudge has set.

makes 36-40 servings

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Raao said...

Hi Freedom,
I don't remember how I came across
your blog...I search the www all the time, sometimes to find more info; I can not recall how I came across your blog.
When I started reading about how you thought you were eating healthy, etc and you found out the foods you should eat...I was hooked. Great information.